What games would the americanized squid game feature?

2021.10.21 15:51 ManufacturerNo80 What games would the americanized squid game feature?

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2021.10.21 15:51 ShortAlgo $AGEN Waiting for Buy signal on AGEN with https://www.ultraalgo.com/?afmc=UltraShorterKing

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2021.10.21 15:51 Last_DK_5 Family Based Application Passport Question

Hi everyone!
I recently got married to a US citizen and I'm preparing my file for the green card application. I have some questions;
1- I changed my passport in the US and I haven't used the new passport to enter the US. Should I submit a copy of the new passport's identification page along with the old passport's identification page and Visa, entry stamps? Or should I not submit a copy of my new passport?
2- In USCIS's one of the tweet's they mentioned entering "N/A" to blanks we don't need to fill. Should I enter "N/A" to every single blank not applicable to me or leave some empty. (e.g I don't have a preparer or lawyer. Should I fill lawyepreparer blanks with "N/A")

Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.21 15:51 Francis8 THE MOB | Let the Tribe Increase - Album

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2021.10.21 15:51 ying_en_ WFL? (two trades)

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2021.10.21 15:51 VoyageKhepri LibreOffice in a business setting: Not ready for intensive use or is it user error?

LibreOffice 64-bit Windows 8.1 Professional SP 1 Installed Java disabled
I finally completed a 100+ page business plan using LibreOffice and could not believe how frustrating a project this was using this office suite.
I've used OpenOffice since it was released, and LibreOffice since the split, for quite a long time, but not for anything that was so intensive as this business plan. For example, it required a TOC that spanned multiple pages; I was inserting multiple images, tables and graphs that were either landscape or portrait layouts; a title page; Appendices; and a header that should count everything after a given page, such as the TOC and Title Page.
In trying to create a more modern, appealing business plan, I would like to have had a majority of the document be in a two column, portrait layout with singular and two column landscape layouts to accommodate different information and graphics. After literally days worth of searches (assuming 8 hour business days) and fiddling with every conceivable setting I could find, I was unable to do that. Instead, I went with a more traditional page layout. I wish I could say that it went smoothly from there.
I don't know how many times that I would choose to format text as HEADER 1 - 4 and the text would not automatically change size; I took it for granted that it would and then would export to PDF and review and noticed that one word out of a three or four word HEADER 2 would be 12 pt. rather than the default 16.1 pt. It would happen randomly and retroactively, so I would have to constantly re-read my entire document to check formatting. That was an example, the problem was not with the HEADER 2 layout only.
The TOC spanning multiple pages is horrific and presents horribly. As I added sections to the business plan, the TOC grew, on its own, and into 2 more pages. Each of those two new pages into which it expanded inherited the "Default Page Style" instead of the "Front page" style the original had so as not to show a page count. No matter what I tried, I could not find a way to change the page style and ended up creating a two column TOC that looks terrible. The spacing on this jams everything together, where the left TOC words run into the right column TOC sections.
As I was nearing the end of the document, I manually added a "Default Page Style" by going to the Confidentiality and Liability Statement page (which is right after the TOC) and choosing INSERT -> MORE BREAKS -> MANUAL BREAK -> PAGE BREAK -> PAGE STYLE: DEFAULT PAGE STYLE to create the beginning of my Executive Summary. After nearly completing my Executive Summary and wanting to save progress, I clicked on the SAVE (CTRL + S) button and scrolled through my document to double check that the spacing was correct. I knew that I would have to correct some page spacing and layout due to manually inserting pages later in the document, but what surprised me was that 75% or more of the pages completely and randomly lost all header information! That was a 2 hour fix alone, at 1:30AM. I finished at 3:30AM this morning, exhausted and a little more than irritated. And, it happened on pages that I know, for a fact, that I had chosen "Default Page Style" on previously.
I experienced so many smaller issues and frustrations that made this entire process a chore. LibreOffice did not facilitate much, but rather, got in the way. I've done this on major office suites over the years, to include Microsoft and WordPerfect. While Microsoft Office was easy to use, I completely distrust them. WordPerfect is wonderful to use in large projects like this; many attorney offices use it precisely for the amount of control it gives in layout choice and page style control.
In the past, I have volunteered as a French translator for OpenOffice and have advocated for the adoption of, and consequently installed, LibreOffice on hundreds of machines across the country, from DoD installations to small office systems. After my recent experience in using it for creating this document that may make or break my professional life (no exaggeration), I would be hard pressed to recommend LibreOffice for anything but light clerical duty.
I don't know if what I experienced were multiple bugs, user error or error-by-design, or a combination of all three. I'm not a novice office user, so I can only imagine how frustrating this would be for my business partner who is. Had I been able to find my WordPerfect install discs, I would have happily used that office suite, even halfway through the process, to recreate it; however, I had to order a replacement version which did not arrive on time and was forced to continue with LibreOffice.
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2021.10.21 15:51 Ryan8193 Sometimes the best hands / are like a swirling maelstrom / they cannot be held

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2021.10.21 15:51 mrrpiuzz With pStake Finance , you can securely stake your assets to earn staking rewards.

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2021.10.21 15:51 SaltyandRoasted Management hated my sidewalk thing and now my employment is under review. See my written statment that I sent back. Geico.Fun

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2021.10.21 15:51 ShortAlgo $AGFY Waiting for Buy signal on AGFY with https://www.ultraalgo.com/?afmc=UltraShorterKing

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2021.10.21 15:51 Ok-Concentrate3993 Is it possible to get DDoS attacks?

I was playing WL qualifiers and the guy paused for a while for no reason, then when he was back and a few seconds after I'm kicked of UT. Now I definitely have no chance to qualify.
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2021.10.21 15:51 Jimseh2838 A friend told me to post art to reddit, so here's one of my atrocities

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2021.10.21 15:51 Chewyfingers Replacement speakers?

So, I've had my Echo dot 3rd Gen for a while. My speaker just went out last week, i'm looking to just replace the internal speaker since it looks simple enough. I just don't know where to actually get the speakers or if i would need to create a whole little mount for it if I do decide to replace it.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could go about finding the replacement speaker without spending an arm and a leg on a whole new device? Thanks!
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2021.10.21 15:51 tomatosoup_234 Newly out/dating. Long-term relationship v. Just having fun.

So I (26) finally gained some traction dating! I swore I was looking for a long term relationship after dating/sleeping with men up until this point. Now that I am getting to know these women (29/31), I am realizing that I just wanted someone to treat me with kindness and care, oh and make out a bit.
Both women I’m getting to know have expressed their desire for something long term and I said the same thing... and now I’m more clear on what I want. Any advice on how to share this realization? It’s been about 6 weeks of getting to know each other and 2 dates for each.
I don’t want to risk losing amazing people, fun dating experiences, or even friendships. Help!
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2021.10.21 15:51 koalaannie 4928 3111 1450 lv. 46

4928 3111 1450
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2021.10.21 15:51 Bellikron A Complex, Objective, and Completely Mathematical Ranking of Every Monster Based on their Ratings

Some may say the ratings are a silly joke. Some may say Justin makes them up on the spot. Some (perhaps even Griffin himself) may say that “none of it’s ever meant anything”. But who are they to tell us how to live our lives? Clearly, there is a mathematical system here that, with a little legwork, will allow one to see the definitive, unequivocal ranking of the monsters in the Monster Factory series. And I’ve set out to find it.
A couple of rules: anything that the brothers rate during the video or appears with a rating on the endscreen is considered a rated monster (although appearing on the endscreen is not a requirement). This includes, but is not limited to: Jim Carrey’s The Mask, both of Squirtle’s nipples, and Griffin’s offhand rating of Bless Online (which winds up surprisingly high on the list). Conversely, anything not rated by Justin is not part of the list. For instance, Justin rates an episode of Scrubs instead of rating Jefferson Tallpipe, meaning the latter does not make the list. Truck Shepard will also be removed from the list due to the fact that his rating was explicitly declared unknowable. This will result in some controversial omissions, notably The Final Pam. Nevertheless, a brief section will be committed to honoring the notable unrated monsters, and explaining why this occurred:
Truck Shepard (Rating is unknowable due to the fact that he escaped the McElroys’ control) The Final Pam (Beyond the concept of rating) Succotash (Secondary monster, did his duty in resurrecting primary monster Rat Baby) Totino’s (Secondary monster in a returning series) Jaa’m (Stolen by Will Wright) Buzzbo, the Bee Movie (Stolen by Will Wright and not part of the final progression of SHRECK THE MOVIE) Sexy, Good-at-Sports Dick Cheney (Secondary monster) Jefferson Tallpipe (Too explicit to rate, replaced by episode of Scrubs) Tony Hawk???? (Seemingly forgotten and replaced by Zeke Teenweed) Snack Braff (Tragically killed by The New Day/Todd) Slimeburger (Killed by Todd, explicitly stated by the McElroys to be a separate entity from “Slimeburger”) Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (Implied to be part of a series that has not been completed and may never be) The creations of Sweeps Week and Just Like Art (Spinoff series with several monsters and a unique format)
And without further ado, away we go. Starting at the bottom:

  1. G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D. a.k.a. Cyber-Garfield: -2/10 • Due to the fact that Cyber-Garfield is in no way like Garfield.
  2. Borth Sampson: 0/10 • Borth is actually too much like Bart and is pure IP theft. Interestingly, their standards and goals have completely reversed since G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D.
  3. DAZ: 8 over par • Assuming that Justin’s rating scale is based on a single hole rather than an entire game of golf (this can be confirmed due to the fact that he gives Danny Wheeler a double eagle, which refers to the former), an 8 over par puts DAZ well over the shot limit in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. • Still higher than Borth due to the fact that he did participate and land perhaps the best birdie in golf history.
  4. Gordan “Stang” Summers: Poor reviews from Brian Mazique, Jarrod Rudolph, and Ric Bucher • “We've seen Summers in a few games now. I don't know that he has a skill other than high motor. Coaches love him, they just don't want to play him.” • “He needs to work on becoming a better defender, with both his fundamentals and effort level.” • “Performances like this contribute to draft day disappointment. At this point, he is going to need a meteoric rise to get back into the 2nd round conversation.” • Although this is the last of the explicitly negatively rated monsters, the fact that Stang was still forecasted as a first round draft pick in the context of the game’s reviews places him at the top of this tier.
  5. Rat Baby: Vape Seed/Vape Tree • Although mathematically difficult to measure, the context of the rating implies that Rat Baby (and the game at large) has massive potential but is not there yet.
  6. Cid Finalfantasy: Heathcliff/Garfield, Kevin Spacey from Nine Lives • Perhaps the most difficult rating to unpack due to its dual nature, the fact that Justin is interrupted by Griffin before he can elaborate entirely on where Heathcliff falls on the Garfield continuum, and the fact that the video was released a few months before certain allegations came to light regarding the central figure of the second rating. I will assume this is a muddled neutral review, akin to about a 5/10.
  7. Demon’s Souls: B for Babies • Difficult to say how derogatory the review is intended to be, as Griffin mentions that he had a great time playing it and it brought him and his family together. I will class this as slightly worse than the explicitly positive reviews that follow.
  8. Yoba Skywalker StarTrekSux a.k.a. Yoba Skywalker Starwars Rules: Phasers set on “Thrill” • Justin clarifies that this is a 6. I will assume the scale is out of 10, as I will for many of the ratings to follow.
  9. Dr. Sexgun: 6/9 • Nice
  10. Zeke Teenweed: 7/10 • Thus begin the controversial (yet mathematically sound) tiebreakers. Zeke ends up at the lowest of the 7/10 category due to the fact that he was initially a 6/10 and has more explicit negative descriptors in Justin’s review (namely, he didn’t catch anybody and cannot land a trick).
  11. Squirtle: 7/10 • First monster ever to be rated. • Justin technically sets the scale as “1 to Ahh Real Monsters,” but final rating screen establishes 10 as the standard for the series.
  12. DJ Slime Time: 7/10 • Dressage Ratings: Gaits: 3, Impulsion:10, Submission: 8, Rider's Seat and Position: Deplorable • The dressage ratings were abandoned once DJ Slime Time’s ability to ride a horse underwater was demonstrated. • DJ Slime Time ranks above Squirtle due to her impressive last-minute display of talent and the fact that she was briefly given an 8/10 before inexplicably being dropped to 7.
  13. The Boy Mayor of Second Life: Election Results: WIN! • The Boy-Mayor is difficult to rank since winning an election only implies superiority over one’s opponents. Although the election against Duran Duran had not yet occurred at the time of the rating, it will still be used as a numerical measure, as it is the only official election result we have. The Boy-Mayor won the election 21-7, and thus will rank as a 7.5/10. • Ranked below the other equivalent monsters due to the instability of the election as a rating mechanism and the extremely negative modifiers Justin attaches (Shares Our Values: -130,000%, Wrong on the Issues: 800,000%, Is Leading America in the Wrong Direction: 7,000,000%).
  14. Garretttttt…: 3/4 Medicines • Slightly lower than the following rating due to the fact that it is “not all of the medicine he needs,” although it is “enough to get him by”.
  15. Jim Carrey’s The Mask: 3/4 stars • Initially a 3.5/4 because of its lack of wolves, but Griffin reminds Justin that Jim Carrey’s face does turn into a wolf’s in one scene. This initial rating will keep it at the top of this tier.
  16. Halo 666: 8.5/A Stars • A very difficult rating to parse, as we not only have to deal with three separate metrics and the fact that this is on a video game critic scale of either a 4, and 8.5, or a 10 (the middle score being the one given to games when critics don’t feel like thinking about it too much), but also three additional ratings. The fun factor receives a 5/5, the forthcoming DLC for Halo 666 receives a 3/10, and Halo 666’s score is increased to a 9.25 whenever she is performing her powerful judo chop. • The average of the numerical scores is roughly a 7.7 out of 10. The positive and negative tweaks that would come from other factors (such as the inconsistent units and the lack of commitment from the video game critics) roughly cancel out and are essentially negligible, placing it just above Jim Carrey’s The Mask.
  17. NanciBudin73: 7.Yes • Will assume this is as close to an 8/10 that one can get without being classified as one (7.99999999…). • Prompts Griffin’s (clearly false) remark that the ratings have never meant anything.
  18. The Junker: 8/10 • The first of two 8/10s that have a good attitude but are not very good at Dark Souls 3. Ends up the lowest of this tier due to the fact that all he really did was try his best.
  19. Old Episode of Scrubs (The One Where J.D. Made a Doctor Mistake): 4/5 stars • Justin notes that the episode really got bogged down in the medicine, placing it at the lower end of this tier, but that Turk gave a great performance, granting it measurable positive attributes besides attitude that place it above the Junker.
  20. Hungry-Faced Gil: 8/10 • Similar to the Junker in terms of attitude, but ranks higher than the Old Episode of Scrubs due to Justin’s explicit remark that he is a good friend and the brothers are happy to have him.
  21. Pismocchio: 8/10 • Granted because the game is still in early access and Justin wants room to grow. This will rank higher than the previous two due to the fact that nothing explicitly negative was said about Pismocchio, but the implication that he could be better will hold him back from the top slots of this tier.
  22. Jim Johnman: LBW/10 • This rating is going to be held back somewhat by the fact that I have no idea how cricket works and despite their degrees, I don’t believe the brothers do either. • Justin first attempts to give Johnman 387 points, then grants him a score of 300 overs/runs, then finally settles on an LBW out of the ten ways one can be called out during a game of cricket. An LBW is a common way to be called out, but it is also considered the most controversial, both of which could cause one to argue for a high or low rating, depending on how one wants to look at it. We are not given a scale by which to measure the ways one can be called out (rarity, severity, memorability, etc.). The most likely scenario is that LBW was the only one Justin could remember, which, along with the initial high ratings for Johnman, his excellent performance, and the fact that I do not care enough about cricket to spend any more time on this rating, boils down to a high 8/10.
  23. Randy Johnson feat. Panpan: 0.800 • Randy Johnson will end up slightly higher than Jim Johnman due to the fact that Johnman is explicitly stated to be playing baseball and Randy Johnson breaks the metrics of the baseball scoring system with an unheard-of 0.800 for pitching. Mathematically, Johnson still cannot escape the 8/10 category, but her exceptionality within her field is noteworthy. • Although Panpan is technically unrated, the brothers acknowledge that they forgot to rate him, and he is considered as part of the overall entity in the final rating screen.
  24. Arby: Big Montana • On a scale of Arby’s available dishes from the now-discontinued Mozzarella Sticks to the Jamocha Shake. • Former branding for the half-pound roast beef sandwich, which Justin describes as “pretty good” and a better name than the alternative (“it feels like you’re doing something if you’re eating a Big Montana”). • Included above the 8/10s as most of them have something negative counted against them, but below anything higher due to the lack of explicit praise (this may be due to the fact that Justin was not present for Arby’s final performance).
  25. #Noid: Richard Karn • On a scale of Family Feud hosts from Ray Combs to Steve Harvey, on which Richard Karn is implied to be a 5/6 (an 8.33/10). Justin acknowledges this is mainly to get a picture of Karn in the video, but what Justin says goes. • Although Griffin technically asks what Justin wants to rate the Arby’s Witch version of Dark Souls, the final rating screen applies this rating to #Noid.
  26. Toucan Dan: A Big Thumbs-Up • The size of the thumbs-up allows it to take a slightly higher position than #Noid.
  27. The Pebble: 9/Human • Although it is one of the more abstract ratings, it is stated to be an average of 8/Human and 10/10, which we can safely call a rough 9/10.
  28. Turbovicki: Football/Curling • Although Turbovicki and her daughter Turbosusan/Twobovicki tragically died during the race, her other daughter Turbojanet looks the same and possesses all of their memories, so this rating applies to all members of the Turbo Family • A rating applied because it, like Turbovicki, is “very good and confusing but powerful and never stopping.” • Will consider this a solid 9 out of 10, as the confusion produced by her power does bring her down a peg, but not by much, as it is still a very beautiful power
  29. Ronnie Faeburger: 4.5/5 • A strong rating that is difficult to dispute. Justin states that Ronnie provides a good fun factor and that “reviewer’s tilt is way in favor of Ronnie Faeburger and all of their great hitting.”
  30. “Slimeburger”: 98% Radiation/100 • Note that this rating does not apply to the original Slimeburger (R.I.P.), but the crude facsimile created in Slimeburger’s absence. • As radiation tends to have negative connotations, one could interpret this as a poor review (as he is almost “pure radiation”), but as none of the other numerical ratings seem to operate on a reverse scale, we will give “Slimeburger” the benefit of the doubt.
  31. Sweet Gene: 98/100 • Inspired by Halloween Havoc ’98, although the rating still appears to be genuine, as Justin has nothing but praise for Sweet Gene. • The positivity towards this monster and the question of the negative implications of radiation give Gene a definite edge over “Slimeburger”.
  32. Chiquita Dave: #1 Chiquita Dave • We now reach a few monsters that are scored in relation to their peers. I will attempt to mathematically calculate a score based on the competitive field in which they are placed. • Justin states this as a ranking of Chiquita Dave out of the approximately 75 Chiquita Dave clones. My count is closer to around 56 total clones, although it is difficult to get an exact measurement and it is possible that the brothers created more that did not make it into the recording. Regardless, the “best out of 75” and the “best out of 56” both come to a little over 9.8 out of 10 when taken as a percentage and multiplied by 10 (9.867 and 9.821, respectively), placing Chiquita Dave squarely above Sweet Gene.
  33. jIM jELLY: 130,525 • jIM’s score is taken from the score of his career-ending trampoline performance, which puts him leagues above any competitors. His nearest match, Arctic fox Madde Becker, scored a measly 22,124. While the best out of 8 only brings him to an 8.75 out of ten, the magnitude by which he destroyed his opponents puts him above Chiquita Dave, as jIM can barely be said to even be in the same category as his peers. • It seems jIM’s performance could have been much better had he not fallen off the trampoline, thus leading to a placement that presses up against a perfect 10 without actually achieving it. There will, however, be two more monsters that overcome him in this category due to the sheer numbers they overcome.
  34. Danny Wheeler: Double Eagle • A double eagle refers to the rarely-seen, second best possible shot in golf. The odds of this occurring are estimated to be 6 million to one. This will not bring Wheeler into the 10/10 category, as there is still a better shot to be made (the nearly-impossible condor, seen only 5 times in history) and there are rarer odds on a later monster, but he certainly stands above a large portion of the list despite not being a creation of Justin and Griffin.
  35. Knife Dad: World’s Best Dad, World’s Sharpest Knife • There are hundreds of millions of fathers in the world and likely even more knives. To be the best of both of them is an astronomical feat, although still not enough to break the perfect 10/10 category.
  36. Bless Online: 10/10 • This rating barely counts, as the conversation surrounding it is very subjective (unlike the rest of the ratings, which are completely objective). Justin begins this conversation by saying, “If we’re reviewing Bless, I don’t think you should play Bless.” It is debatable whether this qualifies Bless for a rating, due to the use of “if” and the fact that he never applies a specific number or title to the game. However, both brothers, despite agreeing that it is a bad game, note that there are some redeeming qualities, most importantly, the fact that the video is good. Griffin then explicitly states that “the video’s good” and “if it [Bless] made a good video [which it, by his own admission, has], then 10 out of 10.” Critically, Justin agrees, following immediately with “Then who am I to judge?” Having thus removed his statements from the equation, Justin allows Griffin’s 10/10 (now definitively the only official rating) to propel Bless online into one of the highest tiers on this list. The statements that the game is bad will obviously hold it back from the rest of the pack, but the rating still stands.
  37. SHRECK: Shrek 5 coming to theaters 2019 • Another rating that is somewhat challenging and requires us to read between the lines a bit (odd, since every other reading is so mathematically clear). The appearance of five Shrek heads to visually demonstrate this rating, the enthusiasm with which Justin announces the rating, and the theme of film leads one to the conclusion that this is a rating out of 5 instead of ten, much like the star ratings that would commonly be applied to the Hollywood blockbuster Shrek 5. This means that we have achieved another perfect score. • However, SHRECK will remain near the bottom of this category due to the stipulation that he scores a -80 on a dog scale, which was their original goal.
  38. Trüllbus: Five Stars of Notoriety • Justin states that Trüllbus is a superstar in his heart and he appreciates his failed attempt to not do any crimes. Although this failure keeps him low in the category, the brothers concede that 8 crimes is “not bad”.
  39. D-Bomb: D-Bomb • Justin originally scores her as D-Bomb/D-Bomb, which Griffin rejects due to it “meaning nothing to him” (difficult to believe, I know). Upon his request for a number (as this was the standard at this point in the series), Justin sets the rating as simply “D-Bomb” (thus breaking the standard). I will take the first rating into account as the concept does not change much in the final rating, meaning that D-Bomb makes it into the 10/10 category. The lack of negative modifiers causes her to rise above SHRECK and Trüllbus, but her supposedly “meaningless” rating (by Griffin’s judgement) and the liberties taken in defining it prevent her from rising higher.
  40. My Two Dads2: 2/2 Dads2 • A rating that skews close to the D-Bomb review due to the fact that it seems to simply describe the state of affairs in the My Two Dads2 household, but it is a numerical rating, and Justin’s addition of the units is appears to mostly be an afterthought, so the ranking will remain higher than D-Bomb’s.
  41. THUG Pro Servers: 10/10 • Justin has nothing but praise for the servers and the participants’ lack of drugs, so they remain above all the other perfect scores thus far due to the lack of questionable modifiers.
  42. Adult Cool: 10 • Although the denominator of the rating is not specified, it is strongly implied to be out of 10. • Adult Cool receives enthusiastic praise from both brothers, with Griffin stating that he is the best monster they have created in a long time. This brings him to the top of the category, save one.
  43. Dino-Lansbury: Perfect • The only rated monster not officially rated by the brothers, as their conversation surrounding rating never reaches a conclusion. Her classification of “Perfect” on the endscreen applies in lieu of any spoken rating. • Although technically in the same category as the other 10/10s, the fact the she embodies the very concept of perfection (which the other 10/10s demonstrate to be a sliding scale) places her at the top of her tier. No one can be more perfect than perfection (except for the monsters that follow).
  44. Squirtle’s Nipples: 11/10 each • The second ever rating by the brothers appears near the top of the list due to the fact that it eclipses 100% and pushes the rating system into a new dimension. • The nipples receive a rating of “22 collectively,” which raises the question as to whether this means 22/10 or 22/20 (the latter of which has the same numerical value as 11/10). Given that the rating screen explicitly shows one nipple as receiving an 11/10 and ignores the other one, we have to assume that a similar rating applies to the other nipple. Each nipple is thus individually scored out of 10, giving them each a 110%, not a 220% combined (they are not one entity, despite Justin’s addition of their scores).
  45. Jorstin: 114% • Applied to reflect the crowd’s support of him. Justin also frames it as “114% good,” outshining Squirtle’s nipples by 4%.
  46. Dugls n’ Richrd: 2/1 • This creation was beloved by both brothers, leading to Justin awarding a rating equivalent to twice the scale that has applied to most monsters. Justin falsely claims that “you can’t beat that score,” despite the fact that it had already been done.
  47. Mëlissa: 1 Alf/0 Alfs • Seemingly inspired by Mëlissa’s win record at the time of rating, 1 win and 0 losses, along with the recent canonical appearance of Alf. • Mathematically, 1 Alf/0 Alfs is undefined. The concept of 0 Alfs fits an infinite number of times into the concept of a single Alf. An infinite rating places Mëlissa above most of the monsters on this list, but not all.
  48. Tammy Radbody: $29.99 • Stated by Griffin to be the “ultimate endorsement of any monster we’ve ever created.” The $30 purchase of Tammy’s incredible dress solidifies her as the most expensive monster on the list. The fact that it was a worthwhile use of real money (and implied to be far less than what she is actually worth, as Justin states that $29.99 was a bargain) eclipses even the greatest of infinities. All hail Tammy Radbody, queen of the monsters.
And there you have it. A completely mathematical and factual comparison of monster ratings. Normally I’d invite you all to debate me in the comments, but that seems rather pointless, as I don’t see how anyone could dispute this clearly objective and true account of ratings that without question were meant to be accurate reflections of the monsters’ quality. You’re welcome to try, I suppose.
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2021.10.21 15:51 GWP_Lover_ I messed up.

I fucked up.
I broke up with him and I made a terrible terrible mistake. I listened too much to what everyone thought and self sabotaged myself and my happiness.
When we broke up, he said “I will do this for you. This isn’t our finale, I know that.”
I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life. I want my best friend. I want my love. I want us back.
It shouldn’t take me losing him to realize what I want, but it has. I’m ready to fight for him.
How do I tell my family, friends, etc, that I’m going to fight for him and I need them to be happy for me? How do I get him to trust me again? How do I make sure this shit never, ever happens again?
I miss my man. This isn’t right. I knew I would hurt, but I feel that if this were the right thing, I would feel a slight sense of relief- I don’t- Only regret.
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2021.10.21 15:51 throwRA_hippo ?

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2021.10.21 15:51 ShortAlgo $AGL Waiting for Buy signal on AGL with https://www.ultraalgo.com/?afmc=UltraShorterKing

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2021.10.21 15:51 kayomm Acho que posts "como investir XXX reais" deveriam ser proibidos.

Todo dia são vários posts iguais e eu sinto que as pessoas só quem alguém que pense por elas. Esse tipo de poluição tá acabando com esse sub.
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2021.10.21 15:51 Maximum_Stable7715 5 Torches Deep Actual Play - Ep 14 - Gnome Wars Part 2

5 Torches Deep Actual Play is a Youtube series where we play through adventures using the system called 5 Torches Deep. This is a Dungeons and Dragons lite ruleset that uses elements of 5e and focuses on an old school vibe where it concentrates on the dungeon delving and the value of your loot is your XP.

We play for fun and this is kind of a recording of our Discord/Roll20 session.

We have just released Episode 14:

5 Torches Deep Actual Play - Ep 14 - Gnome Wars Part 2

The battle rages, some of the party ended last episode facing a line of archers, do they survive the volley and take the fight to their foes?

Can be found here: https://youtu.be/IYIhrs3iY24

An Audio only version of the recording can be found here: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-n9s2f-110d0b0

For more information please visit our website: https://5torchesdeepactualplay.co.uk

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5TorchesDeepActualPlay

Hope you enjoy!

#rpg #dnd #dnd5e #tabletop #ttrpg #OSR #OldSchoolRenaissance #actualplay #podcast #fivetorchesdeep
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2021.10.21 15:51 RASCALSSS Halloween Happenings at The Mystic Seaport

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2021.10.21 15:51 JessSm3 🚨 Streamlit release 1.1.0

🚨 Streamlit release 1.1.0 Release 1.1.0 brings improvements to memory usage! Check out the usage over time of one of our internal apps. The lines on the left are using older Streamlit versions. The line on the right is using 1.1.0. 📖 Read more: https://blog.streamlit.io/1-1-0-release-notes
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2021.10.21 15:51 Th3Rush22 Tracking foods made by others

Obviously, this doesn't really have a correct answer, I'm just wondering what you guys do.

Thankfully I have a great family that I spend a lot of time with. I eat probably 2-3 meals at my grandma's house every week. I can't help but feel like I should probably add some extra calories to this in the form of butter or oil when I track it since I assume she uses something when cooking it. I have no idea what or how much so I just guess.

Does anyone else do this? Am I just crazy? I've given up tracking before just because I felt like it wasn't even worth the effort to try and figure it out, lol
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2021.10.21 15:51 BouncezNasty From 10-11ish to 21

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